March 20, 2010

Trust this green logo

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In writing regular reviews and articles about sustainable products, I am continually frustrated by greenwashing labels, marketing and logos. It’s hard to know what all those little green seals mean. Thankfully, I can vouch for one of them: the US Renewing Forests logo. I was skeptical about this seal, which is created and promoted by the wood flooring industry, but I was pleasantly surprised when I investigated this story. The whole aim of the program is to move forests and manufacturers toward certification by the respected Forest Stewardship Council. And it can’t be a marketing stunt because, ironically, the logo is not applied to consumer products.


March 3, 2010

The other side of green jobs

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Instead of creating new green jobs, smart businesses are greening up their act to attract and retain good employees. Read my latest column for EcoHearth for survey findings and more information about greening the workforce.

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